ALERT: Mass Shooting Rocks Illinois – Numerous Victims

The city of Chicago, Illinois has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. However, this has done nothing to lower the high gun crime rate there.

The ineffectiveness of these gun laws was proven big time on Tuesday night, when Chicago was rocked by a mass shooting that left one person dead and six injured.

ABC7 reported that shots rang out at around 10:30pm in the South Side’s Bronzeville neighborhood. The victims were gathered on a sidewalk when a group of males approached them and opened fire. The deceased victim has been identified as Alfred Mitchell Jr., 28, who was shot in the back. Five of the injured victims were females.

A 21-year-old woman shot in the left knee, a 28-year-old woman shot in the left leg and a 45-year-old woman shot in the right buttock, and each of them were rushed to Stroger Hospital. A 46-year-old woman shot in the right leg and a 27-year-old woman shot in the left leg were taken to Mercy Hospital, and all of them are in stable condition.

The seventh victim was a 30-year-old man who suffered gunshot wounds to the right leg and was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Andrew Holmes, an anti-violence activist in Chicago, expressed hopes that the gunmen were captured on surveillance video.

“We are hoping that some of the surveillance cameras that are on some of these buildings, some of these poles, may have captured the license plates, the car that these individuals are in,” Holmes said.

The shooters are still at large at this time.