Congressman Hangs Art Contest Painting in His Office — Then Voters Discovered What the Picture Was

Identity Politics is the driving force of the Democrat Party. To them, America is not a collective of amalgamated identities, but a Balkanized land of demographic groups ripe for manipulation.

California has long been the trailblazer in leftist ploys designed to garner enough votes from disparate groups to overcome the monolithic block of ‘Middle America’.

As an example, Fox News offers up the story of Rep. Lou Correa of California, who sponsored an art contest in his district office in Santa Ana. Entitled “Faces of America”, the display was sure to highlight diversity, but it also intentionally provoked backlash among the public.

According to Fox, among the displayed pieces of art was one that “depicts the Statue of Liberty as a Muslim woman.” To make matters worse, the painting is in the running as a finalist and if chosen, it will be displayed on Capitol Hill in a section dedicated to World War II veterans.

“We the People Rising, a conservative-leaning activist group, was among the first to object to the painting in Rep. Lou Correa’s district office in Santa Ana, Calif., arguing it violates the separation of church and state,” reports Fox.

This just proves that the Democrat party has no principles, just publicity stunts disguised as statements of morality.