ESPN Refused to Air the Star Spangled Banner — She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

If anyone needed to be convinced that the Propaganda Machine had a political agenda in covering the disgusting kneeling of NFL players during the national anthem, they should look no further than ESPN. Conservative Fighters reports that the Disney-owned sports channel has just delivered prima facie evidence of its true intent and desire to peer pressure other outlets into abetting the black supremacism of SJW-NFL players.

President Trump took the slight to our national pride head on and the vast majority of football watching Americans agreed with the Commander-In-Chief and have tuned out.

The plummeting numbers have not deterred ESPN from shifting from the expressed innocuous ‘covering of an event’ to the overt decision to express anti-Americanism on the players’ behalf.

The Fighters write that “media channels began refusing to air the national anthem as well and declined to emit the anthem segment during the University of Las Vegas football game. This very occurrence happened with ESPN, where it was decided to skip the anthem part.”

The traditional role of an objective media has been dispensed with in favor of political activism. Such a commitment to a political ideology is not a ‘brave stand’ for human rights, but the conscious decision to propagate a skewed reality into the lives of patriotic Americans. Big mistake!

When ESPN decided to not air the playing of the national anthem during a Las Vegas University football game, which displayed #LasVegasStrong signs and expressions of grief for the October 1 massacre that took place in Sin City, singer Kaya Jones took to Twitter to air her rendition of the song.

Jones posted, “It was about the victims last night not politics yet it wasn’t shown to America. @espn made a choice. So I went to U.”

The Left has corrupted every facet of our culture. This is a liberal cultural jihad that knows its time may be short so it is in all out blitzkrieg mode. The danger of this for the Left is that it will prod people like Jones to stand up and unite Americans behind her.

Check out her video. She did an unbelievable job and should be lauded for it.