EXPOSED: Kaepernick’s Dirty Trick to Gain Sympathy

It seems former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has a case of Obama’s messiah complex.

According to the Daily Caller the anti-American race-baiting retard has purposely turned down at least one NFL contract in order to appear as if he has been ostracized by the League for his social warrior hijinks that include disrespecting the American national anthem, honoring bloody thirsty communist guerillas, and painting the world as racist.

“Just last week, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti,” the Caller writes, “confirmed he was interested in acquiring Kaepernick to play second-fiddle to oft-injured starter, Joe Flacco.

“Two days after Baltimore first expressed interest, Ravens legend Ray Lewis posted a cryptic video telling Kaepernick to focus on football not activism.”

An unnamed source close to the issue is quoted by the Caller as saying, “Colin thinks he’s fighting a much higher battle than he is. He views himself as a race messiah.”

That is a major case of out-of-control narcissicism!

The NFL does not need an Antifa sympathizer parading as a high paid QB and America does not need one more liberal crybaby using his soapbox to bring himself notoriety.