Former NFL Star SCORCHES Anthem Protesters with EPIC TRUTH BOMB

Few people are talking about the real issues surrounding the disrespect football players are showing for our flag and our country. Few people have the insight or the courage to speak intelligently on the subject, but former NFL player Burgess Owens does, he’s pulling back the curtain on the real issues at play here. We should all give him a listen.

“We’re having a fight…within the black community against Marxism and socialism,” said Burgess Owens, retired NFL safety, while speaking on Fox & Friends this Saturday.

Owens explained that leftist ideology is instigating anti-Americanism as well as feelings of hopelessness within the black community. Protests against the flag demonstrate a lack of respect.

“We have a country that’s giving every American, black and white, the greatest opportunities in the history of mankind, including the millionaires who stayed on the sideline today. So understand, we’re at a fight; we’re having a fight, but it’s a fight within the black community against Marxism and socialism. That’s our fight,” Owens lamented.

“You have young men who do not understand the gratitude [for being American] that they should have been taught,” he said.  “This is something that’s been going on for decades in our community – the hopelessness, the belief that this country’s not for them has been happening for a long time.”

Watch the segment below:

This is not the first time Owens has called out Leftist manipulation:

“Let me tell you what the flag represents and what our country represents: it’s a place of hope, it’s a place of second chances, and we have these young men that are literally millionaires…with billions of dollars represented on that sideline, and they have no clue that we the people — they — are the solution, because they’ve been brought up in this socialist, liberal, Marxist environment in which they’re not given hope…

The Democratic Party has failed the black community for decades. I’m sick and tired of us being portrayed as a hapless race, that white people did all these things to us, because we don’t know our history. So let’s man up, learn our history, find out that not only did we give a lot to this country, but we got a lot from this country. We’re the freest country in the history of mankind.”

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