Islam Expert Reveals Shocking Truth About Vegas Shooter…

Law enforcement officials involved in the October 1 Las Vegas shooting that resulted in 58 dead and over 520 wounded still have not produced an inkling of a motive as to why Stephen Craig Paddock did what he did, but they have been quick to dismiss the idea that the shooter could have been a recent Muslim convert.

DC Clothesline writes that the idea of an elder, white American male pledging allegiance to an Islamic death-cult is preposterous according to the mainstream media. Initial reports that Paddock’s room contained ISIS reading material was squashed by the Propaganda Machine.

Clothesline reports that ISIS’s claim to have converted Paddock was ignored as well, but the jihadist group not only took credit for the attack, “they did something they never did before – they doubled and tripled down. The Islamic State (IS) featured an infographic on the Las Vegas attack in the 100th issue of its al-Naba weekly newspaper, and indicated that the shooter, ‘Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki,’ (Stephen Paddock) had converted to Islam six months ago.”

ISIS rarely issues statements associating itself with an attack that they had no links to, so for it to say three times that it was involved is highly unusual.

Confidence in the earnest investigatory powers of the FBI are highly doubted by Clotheline, which writes, “As FBI investigates Vegas attack, remember its FAILED investigations of Orlando jihadi mass murderer, Boston bombers, Garland jihadis, Boston beheaders?”

This is the same FBI that labeled the Fort Hood shooting in Texas, a workplace incident instead of an act of terrorism.

Topping of the total deconstruction of the false claim that older white Americans do not convert to Islam, Clothesline lists a very long roster of such converts.

But don’t believe your lying eyes, the Feds would say.