John Elway Just Trolled Liberals with Two Words — This is Awesome!

Former two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback John Elway has taken a big promotion recently. Leaving his cherished Denver Broncos, Elway is now coming in to the NFL as executive vice president of football operations and general manager.

A Republican, Elway is descending into what is appearing to be more and more a lion’s den for those on and in the Right. The NFL has become a political soapbox for social warriors to expound upon whatever cliché moral crusade tickles their fancy.

Sure enough, Elway found himself wounded by a landmine of political correctness when he tweeted a message pertaining to questions about some NFL teams looking outside the pool of available agents for quarterbacks.

“Rumor of us being interested in anyone other than the QBs we have is another example of irresponsible, fake news!!” Elway posted on August 9.

This immediately earned him the opprobrium of the looney Left.

CNBC reporter John Harwood tweeted out in between tears of disgust, “just say it’s wrong. calling it ‘fake news’ just makes intelligent people think it’s true.”

Harwood has what White House advisor Stephen Miller calls a ‘cosmopolitan bias’. You see, him and his friends are smart and savvy because they can lie effortlessly. You meager peons are just dupes that must be protected by their acts of beneficence.

Another tweeter @leepers500 posted, “Did you just go full Trump? I’ll drop this franchise after 34 years if you start mixing politics in with football. Dems are fans too.”

It is actually quite heartening to see, for once, Democrats having their political allegiance interfere with their enjoyment of cultural events and media. Day in and day out, those on the Right are beaten over head with the dogmas of liberalism by celebrities and loud-mouthed athletes.

Let the belly aching continue!