John McCain Just Totally Threw Trump Under the Bus AGAIN!

With the current Congress showing that it is unable to do anything constructive, House Speaker Paul Ryan came out last week to say the blame lies heavily on the side of the Senate, where the work of the House exists in limbo thanks to the higher chamber’s inaction to offer a “yea” or “nay” on proposed legislation.

One of the main perpetrators of this logjam has been egotist Senator John McCain (R-Az). The cantankerous and RINO senator has announced that he will suspend all confirmations of President Trump’s nominees to Pentagon posts until the administration ‘explains’ its Afghanistan strategy, reports the Conservative Fighters.

A typical politician, McCain is disguising his true motives. President Trump and his terrific Secretary of Defense James Mattis have done in deeds what was never done with a written 500 page committee policy that useless lawmakers love like cats love catnip.

When he took office, President Trump empowered Mattis to carry out the War on Terror with both hands free. Mattis moved quickly to scrap the Obama policy of engaging the enemy, but allowing them to escape via a maintained avenue of retreat. This pushed Islamists back, but never dealt the killing blow.

That changed thanks to Trump and Mattis.

McCain is looking to make the President look bad and he sees political handicapping as the best way of reversing the gains made by Trump. That is why he is demanding a codified strategy that can then be picked apart in Senate hearings.

Remember, McCain is the one solely responsible for obtaining and inflating the now discredited ‘Russian dossier’ compiled by a Deep State opposition research firm and passed along as intelligence by a British spy.

Conservative Fighters writes that, “McCain announced that he will postpone confirmation hearings for Pentagon nominees until Trump administration gives him more information about the war tactics for Afghanistan.

“McCain said to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman and Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford and Defense Secretary James Mattis that he will block Trump administration from assigning officials at Pentagon until his questions are answered.”

This is deplorable! McCain is proving day in and day out that he is an embittered traitor to our country!