NEWS ALERT: Barack And Michelle Obama Reemerge To Make Horrifying Announcement

There’s a longstanding tradition in this country that former first couples retreat from the spotlight to give their successors a chance shine. Unfortunately, Barack and Michelle Obama are completely ignoring this tradition and have spent the past few months trying to upstage the Trumps by acting as if they are still in the White House.

Now, liberal world leaders are following suit by ignoring Donald Trump to support Obama in disturbing ways.

Daily Mail reported that Prince Harry of the United Kingdom just announced that he will speak at the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago. This comes a week after Obama attended his Invictus Games in Toronto.

During his time in Chicago, Prince Harry will take part in a conversation about ways to support and encourage youth leadership to tackle both local and global challenges.

This comes after Buckingham Palace announced that Trump will not meet with Queen Elizabeth during his upcoming trip to the United Kingdom. The president will meet dignitaries and politicians and discuss global security but not enjoy the grandeur of being hosted by the Queen at one of her residences or having dinner there.

It’s pathetic that the British royals continue to embrace the Obamas while they ignore the Trumps. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.