Oprah’s Presidential Dreams Just Went Up In Smoke – She’s DONE!

Rumors are swirling that Oprah Winfrey is planning to run for president in 2020 after the speech she gave at the Golden Globes last night. However, something just happened on Twitter that could end Oprah’s presidential dreams before they even get off the ground.

The Daily Caller reported that Oprah’s theoretical presidential campaign has a new fan in anti-Trump conservative Bill Kristol, who took to Twitter on Monday to praise Oprah in a series of tweets.

Kristol has a long history of making bad presidential predictions, so he is not someone Oprah wants in her corner. Furthermore, Oprah will be running as a Democrat with the full backing of liberal Hollywood, so she is not going to want to be associated with a conservative like Kristol in any way.

This comes after two of Oprah’s close friends confirmed to CNN that she is “actively thinking” about running for president. Her longtime partner Stedman Graham was quoted last night saying a run is certainly a possibility.

“It’s up to the people,” Graham told a Los Angeles Times reporter. “She would absolutely do it.”

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