Trump Supporting Street Artist Just Gave Jimmy Kimmel a Hilarious Beatdown

It used to be considered edgy and rebellious to be a liberal. Now, it’s just lame. It’s no wonder then, that artists who like to buck the system and freely express themselves are now supporting Trump.

After the tragic massacre in Las Vegas left dozens dead and hundreds injured, every single liberal with a media platform has been using it to push their anti-gun agenda. One of which, Jimmy Kimmel, gave a sob story while on the air, urging the government to push more gun control laws. Thankfully, it’s blown up in his face.

Leftists can never resist a good opportunity to exploit a tragedy, which is why they’ve been jumping all over this latest mass shooting in Las Vegas. Before the families even had time to mourn, Hillary Clinton was tweeting out anti-gun propaganda and, as usual, CNN was showing cherry-picked statistics.

Jimmy Kimmel may have been the worst of them all however, after he stood on the graves of the victims and used their deaths to push his political agenda. In a controversial feat of extreme childishness, he put up a list of every politician who supported gun rights and urged his audience to contact them.

“These are the faces of the senators who days after the shooting of Orlando, voted against the bill that would close that loophole,” Kimmel said. “With all due respect your thoughts and your prayers are insufficient…we have a major problem with gun violence in this country and I guess they don’t care.”

The late night show host was quick to blame guns rather than people, as liberals often do. Thankfully, a conservative artist stationed in Los Angeles saw right through this and decided to give Jimmy Kimmel a massive dose of payback. He hung up a series of posters throughout Los Angeles, depicting Kimmel as an emotional crybaby.

“The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour,” they say. While the posters have certainly garnered some controversy, many Americans are tired of feelings and sob stories dictating laws and policies. Jimmy Kimmel of course issued a classy response, which can be seen below.

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