WATCH: Sick Footage Of Barack Obama Leaks – Media IGNORES

Over the past few weeks, numerous sexual misconduct claims have been made against politicians like Roy Moore and Al Franken. Now, a video has resurfaced of Barack Obama that should land him in hot water, yet the mainstream media continues to have his back by refusing to report on it.

The 2008 video shows Obama proudly showing off his erection to his female supporters aboard his plane. If footage like this were to leak of Donald Trump, the mainstream media would be all over it and would use it to try and make him look like a sexual deviant. However, since the footage is of Obama, the media has done everything in their power to bury it.

This comes as rumors are swirling that the Obama marriage is on the rocks due to Barack Obama’s drug use. Since he left office, the former president has allegedly been smoking lots of marijuana, and Michelle has had enough of it.

“He had a blow up with Michelle when Malia was caught on video smoking what looked like a joint at a Lollapalooza concert in Chicago. When the tape of Malia went viral, Michelle blew up at him; she said it was his fault because he set a bad example for his daughters, that it was OK to use pot,” said author Ed Klein.

“Barack tried to brush off the whole thing, which only made Michelle more furious,” Klein added. “She started yelling at him so loudly that the maids could hear. That made Barack furious; he can’t stand being yelled at; his mother had a temper and a shrill voice. So he walked out on Michelle and slammed the door behind him.”

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